​​​With an artist’s eye honed through years of classical ballet training, Aimee Hedrick brings a unique blend of creativity and a meticulous skill set to every project.  From her early immersion in the visual and performing arts to her formal education in interior design at the Art Institute, Aimee is continually refining her craft through workshops, exhibitions, and festivals.  

A Florida native, Aimee finds inspiration in the beauty of design, the nuances of creative expression, and the strength cultivated through weightlifting.  She approaches each project with dedication, offering careful attention and artistry to the functionality, style, and detail that define her clients’ spaces.

Dedicated to advancing her entrepreneurial and design acumen, Aimee actively pursues continuing education through CEUs, trade shows, and travel, ensuring that her clients receive the highest level of expertise and innovation.

Where Artistry Meets 
Methodical Precision in Interior Design.

​​"Creating great comfort and style.”


​​A I M E E   H E D R I C K   D E S I G N S | LLC

Aimee Hedrick combines playful and intelligent design style, learned design principles, and client requirements to make the ordinary spaces extraordinary.

​​​​​​​A I M E E  H E D R I C K  D E S I G N S | LLC

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