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​​"Creating great comfort and style.”

Aimee Hedrick will coordinate a Site Visit and review plans, craft Preliminary Designs, and conduct an in-depth analysis to establish Style, Budget, and the Project Timeline.​

“Aimee Hedrick helped in the rebuild of my home after Hurricane Ian. She coordinated many necessary contractors, helped picked flooring, cabinets, counters, tiles, fixtures, and finishes.  Whether you have some ideas already in mind and need a solid designer to help focus your final desired outcomes in your home design or are in need of help from start to finish, Aimee will exceed all your expectations to make your home a beautiful retreat.  Aimee is a courteous, talented, respectful professional designer that will make your home design fun and a rewarding experience.”
-Kristen Gillespie

Experience a personalized Consultation where we delve into the core of your new project details during a Virtual Meeting.  

This Collaborative Session is dedicated to understanding your Requirements, Preferences, and Vision.  Our aim during this initial meeting is to craft a clear Design Concept and guide tailored to your goals, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.


​​A I M E E   H E D R I C K   D E S I G N S | LLC

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